Geanne is a photographer specialized in capturing couples in love and families. I was super excited when she came to me looking for a brand identity that would represent her transformational phase, personality and evolution right after she moved to Italy.

The project began with a brand discovery questionnaire and the creation of an inspiration board. After exchanging ideas to better understand her aspirations I created a mood board that visually expressed the direction we were going to move on.

Once she approved it, I went ahead and create a visual identity for her brand in which the crystal represents the solitude, resilience and the history behind the photos. The pionies were added to represent grace, the beauty that sprouts from a foundation regarding the difficult times in life. Each flower is a representation of people she captured in a different moment of their life.

She asked to have an organic/artistic vibe to added to her Id. As a solution, I used a handmade draw that was then converted to a digital format. To complete the brand Id, I created a classic logo, a horizontal option, and two monograms to use as a watermark, plus a style guide incorporating patterns.

Geanne was happy with the results! Here’s what she said:

“For a long time, I dreamed of a visual identity for my brand that would express my dreams and values into the concepts of photography. Once I got to know the type of work Pamela does, I could picture something beautiful happening,

She dove into my world and knew as no one else could, how to put into paper something that was not more than concepts and abstract images in my head.

Since the first time I took a glance in her work, I fell in love with the sensibility she has and the dedication she puts into it. I knew that she was exactly what I was looking for!

The results were better than I could have hoped. It’s not just a visual identity. But it’s history and dreams turned into images!

I totally recommend her to anyone that is trying to bring their core values into their brand in a way that is intimate, impactful and that translates to the ideal clients the soul and heart behind the brand. Thank you very much!”

If you’re looking for a stand-out design for your brand please get in touch. I take on a very limited number of projects each month.