Brand Identity project for Grow Through Coaching

Alessia is a certified Career & life coach who’s mission is to support, encourage and empower women to grow through life and career transitions, to co-create a space that facilitates awareness, learning that leads to make more conscious and empowered choices from fear to love and empowerment, that are essential to live a more fulfilled life. 

When Alessia and I crossed paths she had just started the process of building her business. She posted on a Facebook group we both are members that “she was looking for a technical, creative and intuitive designer” to partner up with. 

When I read her post, I felt called. Especially from the word “intuitive”. Because that happened when I was in the process of bringing my intuition as an important aspect of how I run my business.  

GTC logo vertical

From the momento we had our first call, we both felt immediately connect and knew it was the begin of a beautiful journey.

Thanks to our exchange I introduced one step to my framework: the dive-in call. Meant to dig deep in our true purpose and invite the feminine energy to be part of the process. The brand discovery questionnaire was kept in the process to align heart and brain. The mood board below was the first result of the it, followed by the creation of a color palette, initial concepts and finally the brand identity came to life.

The whole process was seamless and smooth. We were so aligned that we completed each other’s sentences. And our shared values made the partnership go far beyond the “customer-service provider” relationship. I truly felt like a channel bringing her vision to life. We could co-created her brand identity because of the trust de had on the process. For that, I’m extremely honoured.

The result of this beautiful partnership you can see here. 

Horizontal Logo design from wild creative studio

If you’re looking for a stand-out design for your brand please get in touch. I take on a very limited number of projects each month.