The Inner Works Atelier is a counselling, coaching practice beautifully run by Halima. The best counsellor, therapist, coach one would hope for! She has a beautiful mission to guide women’s transformation and shine light where there were shadows.

The project started with a brand discovery questionnaire and the creation of an inspiration board. After exchanging ideas to better understand her desires, we created a mood board that visually expressed the direction we were going to move on.

The next step was creating a concept that would meet her needs for an identity that translates her vision in a way that would resonate with her dream clients too.

The visual results were inspired in the sacred geometry. Aligning elements of intuition, self-knowledge, femininity, growth and compassion.

To complete the brand Id, I created two alternatives logos for her to use in her communication with her B2B clients, plus four icons and a watermark.

Main Logo for B2B

Alternative logo for B2B


After working together Halima has also booked to work with me on another project she has in mind. She said:

Thinking back how it is to have you involved and the gifts you put in service of your business partners, it’s pure magic.

”You have set up a process that makes it easy to come to the core… your asked really good questions (360°), you involved me in the creation and direction of the concept from start, your eye for detail made sure I got more boxes ticked than what I had words for.

Helping my birthing of my practice brand, makes Wild Creative Studio my creativity doula!

You have a unique combination of skills, you ability to draft a creative flow in a well mapped process is literally a magical gift! So effortless and seamless…. I hardly can imagine my brand can be anything else that how you crafted it.”

If you’re looking for a stand-out design for your brand please get in touch. I take on a very limited number of projects each month.