I was super excited when Paula came to me to create a brand identity for the Amsterdam International Women – AIW. 

Being part of the group myself, helped me to have a better understanding of the brand’s personality even before it had an image per se. 

Paula created the AIW to provide a supportive community of like-minded women where everyone feels warmly welcome from the first moment. A place where, no matter where you came from, you’ll connect with other women and have a feeling of belonging. 

The project began with a brand discovery questionnaire and the creation of an inspiration board.

After chatting through some of Paula’s ideas personally and through phone, I went ahead and pulled together a mood board in which elements such as connection, femininity, sense of belonging and greeting were added. And after Paula’s approval, they became the main aspects translated into the brand Identity.

For the main logo, I was inspired by the three graces and used women from different ethnicities to convey the multi-plurality of the members.

I created hand-drawn tulips to add a memorable element to the alternative logo and submark.

Paula was so pleased with the results, here’s what she said:

“I was lucky to have met Pamela in one of our meetings at the Amsterdam International Women. With time she not only proved herself to be a kind and sensitive heart but also a talented artist as well as a competent entrepreneur, today one of the leaders of our community. As a talented designer, Pamela gifted all of us at A.I.W. with a beautiful Logo, which is captivating just like her. She could see through my eyes the spirit of the group and translate it with such elegance and grace. I will absolutely recommend Pamela as a qualified professional designer and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

If you are interested in working with me or you have any questions about my process please get in touch.