Intuitive Brand Design

Embody your message & captivate your audience.

Logo Design

For entrepreneurs who need to get their business started and want to have a stunning logo identity.

Brand Identity

For business owners who want to emphasize the best parts of their business and connect on a deeper level with their audience.

Design + Strategy

For bosses looking for a long strategic business base. Who are ready to transform their brand from inside out.

Hello, I’m Pamela

Intuitive Brand Designer & crazy plant lady behind the Wild Creative Studio 

I believe in a world where everyone can do what they love for a living, while still being able to have a life with purpose.

That’s why I combined my passion for design with my purpose – supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build meaningful businesses that create a better world.

We all have seeds for transformation. Together, we can create an abundant jungle of sustainable success!

Supporting Passion-Driven Entrepreneurs To Craft A Mindful Brand That Reflects Core Values And Creates A Link Of Trust With Your Audience.

The time for new beginnings is now

Let’s make your Brand Blossom


Brand Assessment

Get professional feedback and direction on how you can improve what you’re already doing

Strategic Consultation

Reach your dream clients and show up with an innovative brand strategy and positioning.

Graphics & Illustration

Increase your impact with exceptional visuals.

“I knew it was time to get professional help with my visual brand identity and I’m so glad I choose Pamela to help me! She’s both highly creative and strategic, so she takes the time to get to know you, your business, and what you need your visual brand to communicate. She really listened to my ideas and concerns. The result is a beautiful and smart visual identity package that feels perfectly aligned with my brand personality and what I want to be known for. Thank you so much Pamela!!”

Beth Farris – Business Clarity Mentor

"Thinking back how it is to have you involved and the gifts you put in service of your business partners, it's pure magic.You have set up a process that makes it easy to come to the core... your asked really good questions (360°), you involved me in the creation and direction of the concept from start, your eye for detail made sure I got more boxes ticked than what I had words for. Helping my birthing of my practice brand, makes Wild Creative Studio my creativity doula! You have a unique combination of skills, you ability to draft a creative flow in a well mapped process is literally a magical gift! So effortless and seamless.... I hardly can imagine my brand can be anything else that how you crafted it.”

Halima – InnerWorks Atelier

“I was lucky to have met Pamela in one of our meetings at the Amsterdam International Women. With time she not only proved herself to be a kind and sensitive heart but also a talented artist as well as a competent entrepreneur. As a talented designer, Pamela gifted all of us at A.I.W. with a beautiful Logo, which is captivating just like her. She could see through my eyes the spirit of the group and translate it with such elegance and grace. I will absolutely recommend Pamela as a qualified professional designer and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Paula Kelder – Amsterdam International Women Founder

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